Track2Train Ltd

21-23 Murderdean Road

Newton Grange, Dalkeith

EH22 4PE

Company number SC535100

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Tel: 07989 477731


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With special thanks to...

H.M.P Barlinnie have designed and created the inner stairs metal work, the outside balustrades for the bridges and 2 bespoke shutters for the outside doors for The Sidings.

H.M.P Low Moss have made the furniture for the café/bistro. This was designed by SPS Industries and we were delighted that they undertook the challenge to design bespoke furniture.

We are working in partnership with Redwoods Caring Foundation and are thrilled to be taking over their beautiful walled garden.  We are designing a bespoke sensory garden for their residents and growing all our own vegetables with the potential for exciting work with the community.

H.M.P Edinburgh is making all the garden tools for our stunning walled garden. 

Thank you for believing with us!