Track2Train Ltd

21-23 Murderdean Road

Newton Grange, Dalkeith

EH22 4PE

Company number SC535100

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Tel: 07989 477731


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The journey is just as
important as the destination.
The Story begins with an idea...

Employment for people with multiple barriers...

What next?


Talk to people who care with the passion, knowledge and belief that anything is possible.

And so Track2Train was established.


With the aim to develop a social business specialising in supporting those who have been involved with the criminal justice system the team started to plan. 

We want to improve the life chances of those who suffer from social disadvantage and, in so many cases, have taken a wrong turn and cannot find their way back.

People make mistakes and we need to help ensure that such mistakes are not repeated, not just because of the emotional and financial cost of crime to victims, families and society, but because of the loss of human potential.
We believe that such a view is neither ideological nor controversial but is human and compassionate. 

The journey starts with

motivated people...


With over 30 years’ of experience, the founding charity, Apex Scotland ( has found that one of the major factors in helping to reduce crime is to give people the chance to train and gain employment.

How we will achieve our Aims...


Track2Train will be a learning hub for the benefit of the local community and others.  This will be a flexible working space that can adapt to the needs of both Track2Train and the people within the community.

Track2Train will also develop  a commercially run café/bistro called The Sidings.


The Sidings will offer training opportunities for disadvantaged people with support to move on to full time employment.  There are many opportunities in the hospitality industry and there is a growing need for staff; this gives our people a real chance to move forward and improve their lives, benefit their families and help to eradicate the stigma of past mistakes.


As a social business Track2Train has no private shareholders and all profits are reinvested into providing further training, support and tackling re-offending. We want to be proactive in helping to reduce crime.

Soon on the Menu...

The Sidings Bistro 

Watch this space!